5 Ways to use SMS Surveys for Patient Feedback

It is probably not a thought that email to sms comes to your mind immediately — taking feedback from patients. After all, this isn’t hospitality and patients come for treatments to their ailments. But if you really think about it — even patients are spoilt for choice now. They can easily switch to a clinic or healthcare center that is good, is clean, has doctors and policies.

That agree with them and is overall taking care of patients beyond just appointments and treatment. What patients feel about your hospital really matters and it affects their opinion, their recommendations to others and if they’d return or not.  Patient Feedback system establishes the relationship between patients’ perception of care and quality of hospital.

The importance of patient feedback is manifold. Patient feedback really helps you quickly identify the gaps in patient care and rectify it to improve the patient experience. But like everything else, effectiveness of patient feedback also revolves around the accuracy of data collection and the promptness of action by the right stakeholders.

At Zonka Feedback, we work with a lot of healthcare organisations and clinics and they all align in their vision to get patient feedback. But the channels they choose to send their feedback form differs. This is based on a lot of reasons like type and age of patients that visit you, how much time are they spending before and after their appointment, the kind of feedback the hospital is looking at getting (regarding the appointment, or how well did the doctor do or more detailed) and many more such reasons.

One way that has really become popular now is through taking feedback by sending SMS Surveys. Before I share some great (and effective) ways for you to get patient feedback using SMSes, I would like to quickly highlight why.

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