How Football Shirts Became Popular

Football is a very old sport, and in the beginning, the concept of 무료축구중계 shirts wasn’t even in the mind of the players. The first people who played football played the game using a ball and wearing football kits that does not even remotely resemble what is used today.

The pioneers of football did not wear football shirts; instead they just wore the clothes they had on their backs before the game started. Even the footballs, which were made from animal bladder, and football boots, which were work boots which weighed 500 grams each when wet, the players used back then were different.

The birth of shirts can trace its origins to the birth of the football league. The very first matches of organized football did not have uniforms. This made it difficult for the spectators to differentiate one player from another. Sure these people knew their teammates, but the people watching their game didn’t. This dilemma eventually led to the use of the football kit which required players to wear football shirts.

The early football shirts were made out of cotton. The different football clubs experimented with different designs and patterns, but none of them ever thought to try and change the actual material. The problem with these shirts is that being made out of cotton, wool and other natural fibers meant that they absorbed a lot of moisture and weren’t breathable.

Eventually someone thought of the brilliant idea of making football shirts out of artificial fibers. Polyester was introduced and changed the way uniforms were made forever. Polyester was better than the natural fibers which were previously used in uniforms in that they do not absorb and trap moisture. The dying process involved in designing polyester shirts also meant that manufacturers can make more radical decisions in their designs.

The popularity of the polyester football kit eventually encompassed the entire league to the point where every team nowadays wears polyester. Since polyester was so cheap and easy to produce, the manufacturers could now sell them to the football fans at a reasonable price. This mass production of shirts resulted in fans wearing their favored team’s uniform. Football shirts now come in various sizes so that men, women and kids could show their pride in supporting a tea

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