How to Avoid Online Scams

There are tons of great opportunities claim refund available to you online and unfortunately along with those great opportunities, there are tons of online scams. What you might think is an amazing deal might be a scam wrapped up inside pretty paper. On the other hand, something you may be suspicious about could be a real, legitimate opportunity. So, how do you avoid online scams? Here are some great tips to help you become aware of them so you never have to fall victim.

o When you’re on a site that is making all sorts of promises that sound too good to be true – check their terms of service. Many times, you will be tempted to sign up for some sort of offer or something like that until you check the terms of service. It is usually there that you will find outrageous hidden fees, ridiculous terms and so forth. This is where you should be looking if you want to avoid a scam!

o Another way that you can be sucked in by internet scams is through e-mail messages. The best way to avoid this is to avoid e-mails that are offering things which are from people you don’t know. Unless you’ve signed up for an offer or personally know the sender, forget about it! There are so many scams through e-mails that it’s almost impossible to keep track of them all. By the way, if you think you’ve won some foreign lottery or that you’re about to become rich because some foreign bank manager is going to send you a deceased person’s money – you’re not. Those are some of the most common e-mail scams that exist.

o If you come across a great offer and after having checked their TOS, you still aren’t sure if it’s a scam or not, search their name. In fact, if you type ‘scam’ in with the search for their name on the internet, chances are you can pop up valuable information from past individuals who have been scammed. Many people post about scams that they’ve experienced to stop others from having to deal with them as well. This can really help you identify a scamming company or individual!

o Don’t trust all sales letters. Look at them very carefully. Very often you will see that you’re getting something FREE (of course, it’s in huge red and bold lettering) but you don’t notice that under that there is tiny, discreet lettering which states something along the lines of ‘free with purchase of…’ You can end up signing up for something that costs thousands of dollars in order to get some cheap item free. Watch these very carefully. Although there are many sales letters which depict legitimate and fair opportunities, there are many which are nothing but scams.

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