How to be a published (non-fiction) author

With general non-fiction there is usually room for a good new un curso de milagros on the market, provided it’s likely to attract a substantial group of readers because: It’s about something entirely new and very interesting that no-one has written about before, or.. ·It’s about something that’s not new, but to which you contribute something entirely new and very interesting

So why write a business book? Well, there aren’t many more effective promotional tools. “Having a book published” still holds a certain kudos and perhaps in Pavlov-dog fashion, people automatically associate someone who writes a book about something with that someone being an expert on the subject.

Used correctly, your book will also be a helpful PR tool in other areas, and will make a business gift that has a very high perceived value. But never make the mistake of thinking you will retire to the Bahamas on the proceeds of its sales.

A book’s title is a very important part of the marketing of a book. With non-fiction and particularly business books, like every other piece of marketing communication the book title has to offer or at least suggest a benefit to the reader.

It’s the title people react to when they see a book displayed, whether that’s on a shelf in a bookstore or online. When people are looking through books you only have one chance to get their attention, which is why your title needs to be powerful enough to stop them in their tracks.

There are two basic publishing routes you can choose: self-publishing, or conventional publishing by an external publisher. In addition there are a few hybrid options available, as well as publishing services organizations which offer services to self-publishers on a menu basis

·It gives your book status (less so than in the past, but still good if it’s a well known, respected publisher)
·Your book will be distributed to all the agreed markets at no cost to you
·They will handle and pay for all design, setup, print and production costs
·You’ll probably get paid a small advance on royalties

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