NFL Betting Odds Explained

NFL situs w88 odds are possibly one of the most confusing things ever invented, but if you understand them, you can bend and manipulate the sportsbooks into paying you a handsome wage by placing good value, well researched bets. And while NFL betting odds might appear complex, actually there are just a few simple types of bet you can place.

If you haven’t ever bet on an NFL game (or any sports game for that matter), well, you’re missing out. The game is more exciting, you can compete with your friends to prove who knows more about the game, and you can win some cash. What more could you want? Get started by learning about the different types of bet, and NFL betting odds below:

The most common type of NFL bet is the point spread. Basically here you pick the team you think will win, and how much they’ll win by. If they win by at least that much, you win the bet. Or, you can pick the losing team, and specify how close they’ll be to the winner. If they are within the margin you choose, you win the bet.

If you don’t want to predict a spread between the teams, you can just pick a winner. The only downside is that the favored a team is to win, the less money you receive if you win your bet. This is normal though – your bets are paid out in terms of risk. The more risk you take, the more you stand to win. When you bet on a favourite, you will generally get back less money than you bet, (and vice versa with the underdog), but this is a great way to produce a stable betting career.

Betting odds are often described in various different ways, but the most common is undoubtedly the money line format. These are written as numbers greater than 100, or less than -100. If the number has a “+” in front of it, it represents the underdog, and shows the amount you would win if you bet $100 and won. For example, +250 would mean that you would win a profit of $250 if you bet $100 and won the bet. These bets have a high risk/reward because the chances of them winning are lower.

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