Wise opportunity utilization need for corporate

People often say that every opportunity/chance have to be utilized appropriately in corporate as similar opportunities may not be available in future.  Have the corporate employees understood the real meaning the word ‘opportunity’ ‘chance’ and or how well it has to be utilized? Understanding of the opportunity is more important than trying to green tree scrog it.  

The understanding should be ‘all inclusive’ & ‘progressive’ and it should not be destruction focused.  Unfortunately most of the corporate employees are best at in utilizing the opportunity more for settling scores and settling their historic/hidden revenge with others.  Because of the above disabled attitude & approach only most corporate employees fail to maximize the opportunity and grow out of it. On the contrary, they reduce and limit their standards to arbitrate their vengeance with others. 

For proper or appropriate utilization and understanding of any given opportunity, the corporate employees must learn the behavioural ecology of deciduous trees in the tropical forest ecosystem.  The deciduous or leaf shedding behaviour of trees in tropical forests during winter is the best example on how well trees have understood the situation/time and act accordingly.  During winter, if trees have to live with leaves means, they would incur huge water loss by way of transpiration.   To minimize the risk of loosing the water, plants chose to shed their leaves.  This also helps the trees to protect it from its predators.  Another advantage the trees gain by doing so is that the trees also reduce their burden of providing continuous supply of water to the leaves during such season.  By doing so, the trees grow to the maximum size possible. 

When the favourable season is returned, flushing starts.  By understanding and acting smartly to the situation or in other words, appropriately utilizing the opportunity, the trees stand to benefit enormously.  In any forest ecosystem, the deciduous trees are generally and relatively bigger in size than their evergreen counterparts. 

By availing an opportunity, the employees should see the boundaries of growth & the benefits and not the pockets of narrow interests and an opportunity for the gratification of petty feelings.  This lessen every corporate employee must imbibe deep. 

Every life form on earth except man knows to move perfectly in phase with time and demand.  When they change, the change always will be growth oriented and not destruction oriented. 

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